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Lose weight fast with up to 3kg* in your first week with Medical Vita Diet!

The Medical Vita Diet was developed by doctors as a treatment for obesity without depriving the body of balanced nutrition. It was introduced into Queensland Medical Centres in 1987 and has been acclaimed as a highly successful diet. We specialise in how to lose weight fast
The Gluten Free Diet Meal Replacement Bars, Weight loss Shakes, Soups, and Dessert Dietary Supplements have been specially formulated to help you lose weight fast, balance your diet, while giving your body the 16 essential vitamins & minerals, 17 essential amino acids and complete protein to protect your lean muscle tissue. With our recommended fast weight loss program, the dieter is allowed to eat a main meal every day which can include fresh meats, chicken, fish or seafood plus unlimited vegetables and salads.
Do you want to know how to lose weight fast? Our products will help you lose weight fast, With the recommended 30 minutes low intensive exercise example; walking, and 8 to 10 glasses of water, in addition to the diet shakes, the weight loss participant can expect to lose weight fast, with up to 3kgs in their first week!* By restricting your carbohydrate intake, you allow your body to use its stored fat as energy and by burning fat, you lose weight fast. Contact us to find out how to lose weight fast! Weight loss results may vary depending on the size of the person.

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